Reasons Why You Should Follow The Mount Ijen Tour

At present, East Java is the belle of tourism in Indonesia for local and international tourists. Apart from Batu and Malang, Banyuwangi also has tourism potential which is very unfortunate to miss. From the beach to the mountains, Banyuwangi is worthy of being your travel priority. There are many tourist attractions in Banyuwangi, one of which is Mount Ijen. The Mount Ijen tour in East Java is talked about on social media and is still a favorite of travelers. Located on the border of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, you can start a tour that will not be forgotten in life.

The scenery offered will provide peace for you. Although it needs to climb quite difficult, it is also accompanied by very cold temperatures. Even when at night the temperature can reach 20 Celsius, but when it’s peaked it will get amazing views that don’t exist in other mountain craters. Here are some reasons, you must take the Mount Ijen tour.

  1. See the phenomenon of blue fire
    This blue fire phenomenon is very rare in the world, and we must be grateful because one of them is in Indonesia. The best time to see the beauty of blue fire is in the middle of the night. By climbing for 3-4 hours. And when climbing at night you will also get the beauty of an epic sunrise from the summit of Ijen.
  2. Seeing the beauty of Ijen crater lake
    You will find interesting sights in the crater of Ijen, a combination of the Tuscan crater lake, the length of the hiking trail, and the view of sulfur smoke that always billows into the sky. You can capture images with a very instagramable background.
  3. Traveling while studying
    You can add new insights and experiences while following the mount in a tour. That is when you meet with sulfur miners in the Mount Ijen area. If they are not busy, they do not hesitate to share their stories and life experiences while working on the mountain. You can also be trying to walk while lifting weights like them.
  4. Buy typical souvenirs
    You can buy typical souvenirs around the Mount Ijen area, which is a very typical carving of sulfur.
    There is something that needs to be considered if you follow the mount Ijen tour. Mount Ijen is often closed when the gas content is too high. To avoid toxic gases that can occasionally approach tourists, it is recommended to use masks equipped with air filters. You can rent at the post, or have been provided by a guide if you use a tour guide.

Those are the reason why you must take the Mount Ijen tour.

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