Bromo Tour Package Facility

Every Bromo tour package agency provides several different packages, as well as the facilities provided because of course, the prices used will definitely be different. Then a very important thing to do before renting a tour and travel service that accompanies and provides services during your vacation is checking about the quality of the tour services, whether the price paid is in accordance with the facilities provided or not. The package is usually for a family trip, private or study tour and the price range is about IDR 450.000/pax until IDR 2.600.000/pax. The facility any include to the price and any exclude the price. For Bromo tour package facilities included in the cost of dependents are as follows:

  1. A good and comfortable car which island transportation during your trips to tourist spots because of the type of car adjusted with amount participant and route to a destination like MPV, Mini Bus, Big Bus or any types of car that you want and provided in your bromo tour agency. You can also enjoy private air-conditioned facilities in the transportation used during the trip.
  2. Homestay in bromo, hotel, villa or dormitory. But for Bromo tour package in midnight it does not provide.
  3. Private Jeep 4 WD for mount Bromo tour because a car like this is needed for the road to the mountain and the steep uphill route, also to see the sunrise from the highest peak and crater. Another car types you can choose are land cruise or hardtop.
  4. All entrance tickets for all tourist places visited, like to mount Bromo or water rafting trips. In rafting included facilities, rafting guides, boat, paddles, rubber pack, lunch in base camp, rescue team, welcome drink, and local food.
  5. Tool fees, parking fees, and retribution.
  6. Mineral water along with the trips, breakfast, lunch, and dinner according to the package selected.
  7. Local driver with good English and experienced tour guide leader.

Beside that, for Bromo tour package facilities exclude the cost of dependents are, horse transportation and personal expense. For your information, at the whispering sea of sand, you can take the ride with a cute horse and also take the wonderful shoot with that. Any other choices of Bromo tour package, they are mount semeru tracking tour package, mount Bromo milky way tour, mount Bromo or range kumbolo camping tour, Snorkeling Gili ketapang Probolinggo, etc.

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